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Learning from 1 Thessalonians 3

We’re studying a chapter of 1 Thessalonians each week (1, 2). Here are some simple questions and observations from chapter 3. Faith needs strengthening & encouraging (v.2, 10) Suffering & hardship is part of the package of following Christ (v.3-4, 7) Fear, temptation, spiritual battles and setbacks are too (v.5) Churches flourish with faith, love & genuine relationships (v.6, 11) Stories of faith in Christ encourage & inspire faith (v.8) Love for Christ, for the local church & the wider church can always increase (v.12) Jesus is coming back (v.13)

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The Curiosity Index (31.01.2017)

I’ve been saving articles on fake news for a few days now for an article which could be a mistake – it’s a little overwhelming! Anyway to the links… Convinced We do well to learn from those who have served the church faithfully for decades. So after 47 years of being an elder in various churches, John Hosier shares we he remains convinced of. Jesus was NOT a liberal And he wasn’t a modern day conservative either. Anthony Le Donne reflects on his politics post-Trump and don’t always sync up well…

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