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Parents, children and showing up at church

As a church planter and a father it can be easy to fall prey to a nagging fear. How will my children’s experience of church affect their faith as they mature into adulthood? I remember my own growing resentment to church and the faith struggle that caused. Will that happen to my own kids?   Raising children in the Christian faith is never easy. There are distinct challenges to raising kids in a culture which does all it can to weaken and loosen ties not by confrontation but by distraction. As…

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The Curiosity Index (26.01.2017)

I’m planning on writing an article about truth in our times, which seems to be a significant issue just now and I’ll probably use this first one: How far will you go to justify your side? The Washington Post ran a revealing little experiment. Here’s the key Would some people be willing to make a clearly false statement when looking directly at photographic evidence — simply to support the Trump administration’s claims? Yes. The problem of Susan I’ve just finished reading the Narnia Chronicles to my son and he noticed what…

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