How is a church on mission organised?

I’ve long been helped, inspired and encouraged by the teaching of Jeff Vanderstelt. I must have saved about 30 articles that I went through yesterday as I thought through being a church on mission. Although I’ve already collected a guide to missional communities (purpose, reasons, rhythms and marks) I think there is so much good material here worth considering. So here are some key questions and answers to this particular way of building and being church. What is a missional community? Missional communities are actually a response to a different question. What does it…

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The Curiosity Index (20.01.2017)

I’ve had to dig into the archives for a few links today but just because they’re not new doesn’t mean they’re not good. I’ve been interested in the changing nature of transportation – self-driving cars & trucks, the changing nature of flying and the possible advent of hyper-fast trains. Until now most attention has been on the hyper-loop in the US or Dubai but now I might change my bet to South Korea and the near supersonic train. The rest of the links are from the archives: Mark Meynell shares of…

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