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Questions: 1 Thessalonians 1

Last Sunday as a church we read 1 Thessalonians chapter 1 together. Here are a few things worth thinking about: Could Paul write about our ‘work produced by faith’ our ‘labour prompted by love’ and our ‘endurance inspired by hope’? (v.3) Do you know that if your faith is in Christ you are ‘chosen’ and ‘loved’? (v.4) Does our Gospel come just with words or with ‘power, the Holy Spirit and full conviction’? (v.5) Are our lives worthy of imitation (v.6) and as a church could we be a model to…

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The Curiosity Index (19.01.2017)

This is pure speculation but Colin Green asks (& answers) a very interesting question. Did Paul see written Christian materials before his conversion? It must surely say something (& nothing particularly good) about our society, that this question can be asked and that the obvious answer isn’t ‘NO!’ – Is it OK to watch porn in public? This is the job my son wants when he grows up – Lego Professor of Play. Heck, that’s the job, I want when I grow up. The Swedes are, once again, leading the way in environmentally good ideas…

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