How big was Thessalonica?

I don’t suppose this question has ever particularly troubled you (leave a comment if it has) but it has bothered me. We’ve recently begun studying the book of 1 Thessalonians and so I’ve been boning up. The majority of my reference books and commentaries (not all of them mention population) all quote a similar figure. They (Thomas & Mayhue for example) think that Paul, Silas & Timothy would have found a city  of around 200,000. The figure is just simply stated. So you just have to accept that they know…

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The Curiosity Index (18.01.2017)

You should definitely read of Lice and Men by Melissa Kruger – the Corrie Ten Boom story is just wonderful, inspiring and convicting. Andy Le Peau digs into what it means in James 1:27 to look after widows and orphans Once a year Britain suffers snowmageddon after about an inch of snow. So Why does a bit of snow bring Britain to a standstill? This, apparently, is the school of the future. It’s in Finland. This 450-Year-Old Painting Contains Over 100 Proverbs We Still Use Today. It’s art my kids could…

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