Soren Kierkegaard & the attack on Christendom

There are quite a few things Scandinavian which have shaped the world we live in – IKEA, Lego, Santa Claus but maybe not so many that have shaped how people in the west think. One man, a Dane, stands out above all other contenders – Soren Kierkegaard (1813-1855). The influence of Kierkegaard can be traced as much in Friedrich Nietzche as it can in the early works of Karl Barth. Post-modernism finds an ally in Kierkegaard when he says things like ‘all truth is subjective’. Today Kierkegaard is as likely to…

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The Curiosity Index (17.01.2017)

Tyler Cowen has an interesting perspective on Trump, NATO & Germany Forget self-driving cars (which is happening, get used to it) but Airbus is planning on the self-flying car which is both very exciting and almost unbelievably scary (just imagine being very high up in the air in a machine piloted by another machine). This is what you need to know about running in snow. Snow is fine, the ice…not so much. Just found out that Don Carson is coming to Sweden in May which is a rare treat. And this has to be…

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