Notable Swedish Christians: Sven Anderson

Some years ago I came by the 2-volume Dictionary of Evangelical Biography (1730-1860) which I admit is a bit obscure. But I thought I’d trawl its pages for entries on Swedish Christians to learn more about its notable figures and history. We’ll take the series alphabetically.  I couldn’t find any more references on-line and the entry is short so I’ll repeat it in full. Sven, from Göteborg (1746-1816) was a Moravian missionary to the Labrador Inuit. He was a harness-maker by trade and a Lutheran before becoming a member of the Moravian…

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The Curiosity Index (16.01.2017)

I’ve finally been watching Planet Earth 2 (had to wait for the DVD). It is amazing. Just thought I’d put that out there. As America prepares to switch Presidents (Lord, have mercy). Here are two interesting (& short) takes on American Christianity by looking at the faith of the outgoing president and whether the market for Christianity in America is going bust. While over in Scandinavia, Finland is pushing ahead with its basic income trial. It seems to have a few main benefits – as an incentive for taking low paid, insecure…

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