Why aren’t we more worried about the nuclear threat?

In 1947 the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists created what they called the Doomsday Clock as a way of gauging how close humans were to totally screwing up the planet with tools of our own making. In 1953 when both the US and the Soviet Union tested atomic bombs sixth months apart, they set the clock at two minutes to midnight. The cold war was on and by 1986 the world had 64,000 nuclear warheads to worry about. By 1991 the cold war was over and the clock had moved back 15…

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The Curiosity Index (13.01.2017)

Dragged a few things out of the archive for today. I read blogs mostly through feedly and then save interesting articles & posts in pocket to use here. I have quite a backlog…. This on multiplying disciples & churches is excellent. If you don’t listen to the video just read the Q&A – very thought-provoking. Key ingredients: White hot faith High commitment to the cause A pattern of rapid mobilisation. Contagious relationships Adaptive methods Does belief in God enhance gratitude? The answer it seems is, yes it does. Derek Rishmawy has a…

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