Getting comfortable with differences

Complementarianism. It’s not a very elegant word compared to its rival, egalitarian, with its revolutionary pedigree. Complementarian, made up in the 80s, was supposed to be a vehicle to carry the positive picture & dignity of men and women as equal but different. It’s struggled. Even the root word complementary has a dull sheen compared to the lustre of equality. Those who have argued that the two main identifying sexes humanity, male and female, are complementary but not identical, similar but not the same have in recent decades found themselves significantly…

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The Curiosity Index (11.01.2017)

Five very different links that reveal much about the vastly different challenges of being a Christian in different parts of the world For those of us in the connected world we may want to know how to Secure Your Online Life with the Bible (and Good Security Practices). John Dyer tells you how We will also increasingly face the challenge of assisted dying. Jen Oshman gives you three reasons to resist. Christians in other parts of the world face different pressures. In India Christians are increasingly under attack. Here’s the list of…

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