We all need to be journalists now

We live in an age which has seen a massive erosion of trust in traditional sources of news and information. Given President-elect Trump’s struggle with honesty (he keeps falling off the wagon), it’s unlikely to get better in the short-term. Bias and agenda are ‘seen’ everywhere and the rise of ‘fake news’ or so-called ‘independent news sites’ are just two signs of this. So conspiracy theorist Alex Jones publishes a list of fake news providers and it’s all the mainstream news outlets. These trends are perhaps more evident in the…

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The Curiosity Index (06.01.17)

It’s -17 outside in Stockholm which seems a pretty good reason to be sitting inside reading stuff. Stuff like this. Stephen Wellum on why ‘Christ Alone‘ is the sola to hold the other 4 solas of the reformation together. One sola to bind them all, type deal. Was Christianity an ‘insider’ movement? Sort of. If you’re thinking of seeing the film Silence, then this excellent review should tell you what you need to know. A photo essay of the extraordinary monastic life of the monks of Mount Athos Here are 10 libraries you…

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