Questions about the Trinity

My previous questioner also had a raft of questions specifically about the Trinity. The trinity isn’t the easiest doctrine and understanding or explaining well can be tricky so have a think how you might answer these questions: How is it possible for three separate living things to all be one? Are God the Father, God the Son & God the Holy Spirit equal? If so why didn’t God the father come down to earth as a baby? Why is God’s name Jesus when that just refers to one-third of God? Why…

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The Curiosity Index (5th January)

A few quick links that caught my eye in the last 24 hours Ian Paul asks and answers the question ‘is the story of the epiphany credible?’ Pew Research shows us what we already know – the world is addicted to Facebook. Social media facts from 2016. What causes ice ages and when is the next one? Answer, not any time soon. Apparently there is a way of getting a duvet inside a cover called ‘the burrito method‘ And this is what your country does better than any other country in…

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