Questions about Christianity

I can’t remember who gave me these questions but at some point I must have said to someone, ‘ask anything you like about Christianity, it can stand up for itself. It either has good answers or it doesn’t’ and then I got this list in response. If God loves his people so much, why does he allow pain & suffering? All religions believe theirs is the truth, therefore how can you be certain yours really is the truth? It clearly states in the Bible that Jesus was a Jew, why is…

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The return of the curiosity index (4th January)

New year, new attempt to get regular with this blog. I don’t make New Year’s resolutions except that I apparently do when it comes to this blog. I’ve decided, like the hopeless optimist I am to return to my links page. I’ve meddled around with this for years – I read widely, I collect vast troves of information and some of my favourite things on other people’s blogs are their link lists – it’s just the way I’m wired. I haven’t decided whether this would be daily, weekly, monthly or…

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