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Relational Mission: Everyone a witness

In his third chapter, Mike deals with a perennial challenge for churches. How do we get everyone involved with sharing the gospel and making disciples? I’ve been around churches and church leaders long enough to know that this particular one can be very frustrating for

Relational Mission: Raising sons & daughters

The second chapter takes a look at legacy and building churches that raise up the next generation of leaders. Mike’s case is simple: in order to fulfil the commission God has given us we need to multiply everything but not as business with franchises but

Relational Mission: A real family

I had the privilege of working with Mike Betts on producing this short book for our family of churches. You can read some of the commendations here. Over the next few days, I thought I’d work through some of the chapters and give a personal reflection

Discipleship = maturity

The new life of the kingdom has two different effects. There is what the Gospel does in us and then what the Gospel produces through us. What happens in us is that we grow in Christ-likeness. What happens through us is that we grow in fruitfulness

Mature & Multiply

There are two main dimensions to being a disciple of Christ. The Gospel of Jesus Christ is essentially what God has done for us, He will then work out in us in order to work through us. A disciple’s job is to apply the first (that is

The Son of Man came…

Reading the introduction to Tim Chester’s excellent book A meal with Jesus was one of those moments where a little insight struck me with great force. It’s a lesson I’ve used many times since as I’ve sought to explain why food is so important in the life

Come follow me

Discipleship is at the heart of the Christian endeavour. We are not simply believers in a faith tradition but followers of a person. In Mark 1:17 as Jesus begins his ministry he finds Andrew & Peter fishing by Lake Galilee and James & John mending

Church is family

In Grace Church we constantly wrestle with the form of church. How do meetings, gatherings and activities relate to the vision of church. We keep coming back to the Bible. Who does God reveal Himself to be in relation to the church? Well, one of the main