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Lessons for church planters from the book of Ezra

I don’t know if I’ve ever consider the book of Ezra (also Nehemiah, Haggai & Zechariah) as helpful resources for church planters but a recent reading taught me a number of important lessons. First a  little bit of background; after years of rebellion Israel & then

In Sweden who raises the children?

Sweden is often praised and is proud of its family friendly policies. Parents receive 480 days parental leave per child and 60 of them can only be taken by the father. Use it or lose it. These days can be claimed as part days or whole

3 ways to know what God is like

This is a question that crops up every now and then. How is God knowable and how do we know that God is like this and not like that. Historically the Christian faith has given three main ways of answering that question. Through what has

Book Review: The Rise of the Robots

The Rise of the Robots: Technology and the Threat of Mass Unemployment by Martin Ford My rating: 3 of 5 stars If your job is any way routine and predictable the chances are that the answer is yes. It’s not just factory jobs that have

Freedom to pray not to evangelize

Last year the BBC ran an article about religious freedom in Dubai of which there isn’t much. The UAE, of which Dubai is a part, has crippling restrictions on freedom of speech. There’s widespread media censorship and dozens of activists are in jail. And As you

Christians & Evolution

Christians often have a very confused relationship with scientific discoveries – we use them of course, but there’s a significant portion of evangelicals who become very sceptical especially when it concerns the origins of life. Tim Challies wrote The…reason I am a six-day creationist is

Dealing with the tiebreaker

In a few recent discussions about complementarianism, the subject of the tiebreaker has come up. It seems to be something that puzzles egalitarians and complementarians alike. This from my review of Jenny Baker’s Equals When it came to marriage, the usual awful headship example was trotted out

Free will: illusion or reality?

How free are you? Free to choose what to watch on Netflix? Are you free to choose your height even if you are now free to choose your gender? You didn’t choose your genes whether they blessed you or cursed you – how responsible are