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The need for patient disciplemaking

Discipleship is something that can begin rapidly but lasts for a lifetime. Logan Gentry rightly reminds us that discipleship is an ongoing process that requires patience. Discipleship has often been viewed as an up-and-to-the-right straight process of successful growth, but discipleship is way messier than

Mark Dever’s 4 ways to make disciples

There are all sorts of models of making disciples but certain elements are required in each. Mark Dever argues that these should include teaching, correction, modelling discipleship and love. Jesus taught his disciples to live in view not of today or tomorrow, but eternity. We try

Creating a Culture of Discipleship

For a talk on how to create a culture of discipleship (starts about 7 minutes in) I recommend this by Matt Hatch – there are good notes below. He covers topics including: Discipleship is Fundamental Discipleship Facilitates Mission Be a Disciple Yourself Know Your Story How God

5 Ways To Equip Disciples as Gospel Ministers

Yesterday I shared Jeff Vanderstelt’s 6 questions to assess your disciple-making culture, one of which was whether in your church everyone sees themselves as a gospel minister? Here are Jeff’s 5 Ways To Equip Disciples as Gospel Ministers He begins with this challenge If you are

Cathedrals of consumerism

Consumerism is more than simply buying lots of stuff, at its heart consumerism is an attempt to answer existential questions – how can I be accepted? How can I be pure? How can I be beautiful? How can I have meaning & purpose in life? As

Why reading and writing are good for you

We live in the age of distraction – it’s hard to concentrate and there’s no space to think. Yet if we can carve out regular time to read and think it will do us the power of good. Gregory Ciotti outlines several of The Psychological Benefits of Writing which include

Making your church a place to belong

Yesterday I shared an article about how the gym (or fitness group) has replaced church for many as the go-to place when they’re looking for a place to belong. We live in an age of fragmentation and increasing loneliness, especially in cities and amongst the elderly.