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Crucified and buried but raised alive – with Christ

One of the aims of the church planter is to help equip everyone to confidently be able to open their Bible and share the Gospel with someone. Romans 6 is a great chapter to use for this purpose. This is just a simple sketch of how you can let the Bible tell the Gospel for you. It has four powerful stages explaining the implications and consequences of faith in Christ. Crucified Romans 6 says those who have faith in Christ were crucified with Christ (v 5,6,8). “For we know that our old self…

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Book Review: Holy Warriors

Jihad, suicide bombers, ISIS, Syria, Paris, Brussels – the list of horrors associated with Islam is long and growing.  Since the beginning of the 21st century militant Islam has dominated the headlines. It has changed the world we live in and not for the better. A tolerant western society has been faced with an enemy it neither wants nor understands nor has the tools to defeat. Many are quick of course to point out that the majority of the world’s Muslims are not extremists, fanatics, or dangerous however that leaves…

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The year of the migrant

I just want to recommend that any reader interested in the issue of migration should take 20 minutes to read the last issue of Vista from Redcliffe College, UK. As they say here, “The figures speak for themselves: 920,000 arriving by sea, and a further 34,000 coming by land. This compares with a total of 214,000 by land and sea in 2014. (figures from International Office of Migration). This issue of Vista tries to capture something of what happened, with stories from all stages of the journey, from arrival in Europe…

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