Monthly Archives: February 2016

Immigration: Ten observations

I’ve been doing some long-hard thinking about immigration recently. I’ve argued here and here that Europe is doing the right thing in letting hundreds of thousands of refugees from Syria and Iraq in. After all Syria is home to a world-conflict (as in lots of countries are

The future of church planting: bi-vocational ministry

Christianity Today has posted an article by Daniel Im on trends in church planting and it deals with bi-vocational ministry. He says being bi-vocational ministry is being embraced for three main reasons: As a deliberate strategy: “In the future of church planting we will see

Introducing: Copenhagen

Over the past 12 months I’ve had the privilege of travelling to several cities in Northern Europe. All of them in significant need of more gospel-centred churches. Copenhagen The Kingdom of Denmark has a population of around 5.6 million people and nearly a third of

Review: Lead

This is the fourth & final part of my personal review of 2015: Write, Read, Run & Lead. Reviewing my own leadership is a tricky and sensitive business. I can survive a year where my reading or writing doesn’t go to plan or even recover

Review: Run

It says something about how 2016 is going that it has taken me a full month before I write about running in 2015! Anyway, 2015 has to go down as poor year of running for me. I ran less often, ran shorter distances when I