Book Review: Cities of God

How did Christianity move from being a provincial movement in Palestine to the leading religion of the Roman Empire? This is the question the historian Rodney Stark sets out to answer and along the way challenges a number of well-established myths. Was the missionary activity of the apostles key to the growth of Christianity? No, not really. Was Paul really just focused on the mission to the Gentiles? Nope. How important were the eastern cults of Cybele and Isis to the success of Christianity? Very. Did Christian emperors seek to…

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We are alone in the universe

It seems the question, is there other intelligent life (or any kind of life for that matter) in the universe continues to be a bothersome one for some of Earth’s brightest minds. Let me make this easy. We are alone. Completely and utterly alone. Even if we weren’t the chances of ever encountering anything in your lifetime or the lifetime of your great-great-great-great-great-grandchild is so infinitesimally small, that you might as well be. Estimates (or if we’re honest complete guesses and pulling numbers out of, ahem, space) say there must…

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