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The time to think about transhumanism is now

Recently Max Anderson listened to a conversation between legendary tech investor Peter Thiel and legendary New Testament scholar NT Wright about death. Or more precisely a conversation about the possibility of overcoming death. After listening to them both in public and private, Mr Anderson was

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The Curiosity Index (27.06.2015)

Start with the most important: Glen Scrivener tells youthworkers to STOP telling their youth to give their life to Jesus This map shows you how Europe’s population has moved and grown in the first ten years of the 21st century If you’ve decided to give

The importance of your home

I recently wrote about the lost art of hospitality and how it is an essential for church planting, so it’s vital we realise the importance of how we think about our homes. In this video Steve Timmis and Dhati Lewis talk about why ‘my home is

A brief guide to missional communities

As a church, we’re working on building the church through missional communities. They’re a bit like small groups, they’re a bit like house churches but aren’t really either. There’s already movements, networks, conferences, books about how to be missional and leading, starting and multiplying missional

The Curiosity Index (25.06.2015)

Would you ever pay a bribe? The answer, if you live in the developing world, may not be as easy as you think. Was Jesus fatherless? “The Gospel of Mark represents the earliest surviving biography – if that what we should call it – of Jesus’ life.

Overflowing Abundance

Abundance is a word that perhaps sits a little uneasily for a network devoted to simplicity – in fact abundance is part of the problem in a consumer society isn’t it? An abundance of choice, gadgets, food, credit and appetite for shopping has done significant

The Curiosity Index (returns) – 24.06.2015

After an inexcusably long and unexplained absence the curiosity index returns (cue fanfare and much rejoicing). The Economist explains why gun control isn’t coming to America anytime soon (something that baffles pretty much everybody else). The Onion says pretty much the same thing but with

The enduring power of real books

Ever since the first e-reader was developed people have been preicting the demise of the paper-format. Hardbacks would be the first to disappear and the paperback would follow. I wrote an article for a publishing magazine a decade ago about e-readers and e-ink and the