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Grafted in: An example from nature

In Romans 11:17-24 Paul uses the illustration of wild olives (Gentiles) being grafted in to a cultivated olive tree (the people of God). The natural branches are the Jewish people, yet some have been broken off because of their unbelief (Rom 11:20) and in their place Gentiles have been grafted in and will remain as long as they have faith. Paul’s basic point is similar to that of Jesus in John 15:1-8 about the vine and the branches. Abiding in the vine produces fruitfulness in the branches. Fruitfulness in the branches is…

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The Curiosity Index (06.05.2015)

The world, it seems, has never been very comfortable with women leading nation states as this tale from ancient Egypt demonstrates. Have you ever heard of vertical farms? Me, either but apparently, they could be quite the thing. Michael Hyatt outlines 5 ways reading makes you a better leader Reading makes us better thinkers Reading improves our people skills Reading helps us master communication Reading helps us relax Reading keeps us young. However if you’re going to be a reader you may need less distractions in your life. Take Luke Davydaitas’ example…

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What happened to Judas?

It’s one of those questions that crops up on a fairly regular basis, what happens to a man who betrays the Son of God? Let’s investigate. SO who was Judas? Judas Iscariot was one of the twelve apostles (Mt 10:2-4). Iscariot literally means ‘man of kerioth’ a town in Hebron and his father was Simon Iscariot (Jn 6:71). Amongst a group of Gallileans this meant Judas was probably the sole Judean. Judas was in charge of the disciples shared purse (Jn 12:6). what else do we know about judas? Unsurprisingly the…

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The Curiosity Index (05.05.2015)

Evangelicalism sometimes gets a bad rap for being a shallow tradition, yet Matthew Milliner has found it surprisingly deep: All I really need to know I learned from evangelicalism Derek Rishmawy asks: what does it mean to be inclusive like Jesus? Well worth reading. This piece says all you need to know about modern conceptions of marriage, it’s quite sad: I’m a child of divorce but it hasn’t put me off marriage. “It is, I think, a sign of social progress that people are building their own modern families – whether single…

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