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Book Review: The Coming Chinese Church

There’s no question about the importance of China. It is a nuclear power, it has one of the world’s biggest armies and the biggest economy, and one that could get considerably bigger. It is likely to be superpower of the 21st century. It is the

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The Curiosity Index (24.02.2015)

We’ve been without the internet for the last 12 days (I’m coping remarkably well, thanks for asking) as a result of a fire in our neighbourhood. Anyway, that’s the reason that things have slowed up considerably on the blog over the last week or so.

Life can be hard

At the start of this year a number of people in our church found life pretty tough going: battles with immigration, unemployment, temporary homelessness, illness, stress and uncertainty all hit hard. It’s at points like those that the challenge to be a genuine family is

The Swedish origins of ‘How Great Thou Art’

It’s one of the most beloved hymns of the last hundred years and in many polls it ranks just behind Amazing Grace; yet the origins of O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder (or as it’s perhaps better known How Great Thou Art) can trace its roots back to

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The Curiosity Index (12.02.2015)

Derek Rishmawy has a good piece on about being careful about being too careful about what you read (in other words discernment in your reading). Andrew Wilson offers a good rejoinder to Scot McKnight about the nature of courage in the public sphere Pew Research has

The Coming New Normal

Carl Trueman recently took up the theme of the bi-vocational church leader in a post called The Coming New Normal and as usual makes some excellent points. He believes that, Bi-vocational pastoring will become more common, if not standard, in the next decade Now it’s not the

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The Curiosity Index (11.02.2015)

Ian Paul has a moving article about the faith of Kenji Goto who was recently murdered by ISIS The BBC carried an interesting article about the growing number of people who realise that they have too much stuff. Here are some tweetable comments from the article:

Let history decide

If you’re planting a church, what’s your strategy? I’m not talking about your vision for a church that makes disciples or changes your city or plants other churches. I’m talking about do you know how you are going to live, act, work and organise so that