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The Curiosity Index (30.01.2015)

OK, so who stole January? I sound like my Dad, but where did the time go? Tim Challies lists 13 ways you waste money (although some of them may be more suited to North America) The Guardian (of all places) has an interesting article on church

TV tower at night in Riga

Lessons from Riga

One of the things I’m enjoying about living in Stockholm is the connections it offers across northern Europe. I recently was able to visit some friends in Latvia’s capital, Riga and learn first hand of how they’re planting a church in that city. Here are a collection

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The Curiosity Index (27.01.2015)

It’s snowing again here in Stockholm, but it’s not the cold you notice most about the winter here it’s the darkness. In December the day is just 6 hours long and in June it’s 18 hours (you can find out how long your day is too!)

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The Curiosity Index (26.01.2015)

How was your weekend? I had a couple of days in Riga, if you’ve never been – I recommend it! What do you think of when you think of Scandinavia and is it really a left-wing liberal utopia? Michael Booth says the answer is ‘no’

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In my church, it's unimaginable to have meetings and not sing. In the NT church, it was unimaginable to have meetings and not break bread. — Andrew Wilson (@AJWTheology) February 27, 2013

Caravaggio-The Sacrifice of Isaac

Christ in the Old Testament

Over the past few months at church we’ve been working our way through the Gospel of John. Last Sunday we took a closer look at John 5:46 For if you believed Moses, you would believe Me; for he wrote about Me. I connected this dot to

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The Curiosity Index (23.01.2015)

The last links of the week. Trevin Wax interviews Andrew Wilson about his book Unbreakable It is likely that one of the themes of 2015 (as pretty much every year, ever) will be war. Here are 10 conflicts to keep an eye on If you

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The Curiosity Index (22.01.2015)

Yesterday was spent fixing, tweaking and ongoing repair of the self-inflicted damage I did to this site. I swear, when it comes to tinkering with this blog I never, ever learn. Multiplying missional communities is an art not a science and is something we’re just