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My favoured social media, apps & tools

I engage with lots of apps, tools and networks every day, as I’m sure do you, but I’m learning. Here is what I’ve learned and what I still need help with. Networks Twitter:┬áthis is my favoured network and also my favoured time-wasting tool. I have

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Navigating social media

It’s not quite infographic Tuesday yet here on the blog, but as I’m posting about social media this week I thought I’d share this: – See more at:

Evaluating my use of social media

Social media is a voracious animal, always hungry, always moving, always devouring. What it mostly devours is my time and focus. I constantly fight against distraction and social media is my favoured form of procrastination. I can somehow feel that I am doing something (keeping

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Great advice on small groups

This is great advice from John Burke in No Perfect People Allowed: Creating a Come-as-You-Are Culture in the Church: “What I’ve found in the past twenty years of leading small groups is this: if you help people feel at ease and enjoy being together, opening

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2013 in the rearview mirror

As far as this blog goes 2013 was a low-point. In fact, I wondered if I’d lost the will to carry it on and perhaps I would just leave it to slowly decay in the blogosphere. Obviously I decided against that. Life on the other