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Church planting essentials: Perseverance

Previously in this ad-hoc series I wrote about the importance of patience in the heart of a church planter but took a moment to separate patience from perseverance. Perseverance is that quality that keeps you walking when you turn into a headwind, keeps you going

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Jesus our great High Priest

I recently had the great privilege of preaching at the excellent City Church Cambridge on ‘Jesus a priest in the order of Melchizedek’ from Hebrews 7. You can listen to it here and the slides are below for your, I hope, encouragement.

Church Planting Essentials: Accurate measurements

Every church leader gets the numbers question, it comes with the territory. We can debate the merits of the question and the need for questions that probe quality and not just quantity, but if you’re a church planter, numbers rule your world. Let’s be honest,

Church Planting Essentials: Patience

I know there are some church plants that just seem to explode into life almost the moment they began. Churches where everything seems to go just right and the line on the growth chart (because that is what we’re thinking about) just keeps climbing. I’ve never

Therapy, sin & modern idols

I’ve often heard Christians say they struggle talking about sin for fear of coming across as judgemental. It’s an understandable concern but a largely unnecessary one. Sin, not just as an action but as an idolatry, can be identified by its destructive consequences and you don’t

Why should I?

Our family (and especially my wife) has long enjoyed the fruits of George Cadbury’s labours, yet his chocolate was not his greatest legacy. Cadbury, a devout Quaker, built towns, country parks, sports fields all in the interest, not of profit but of the lives of