Monthly Archives: December 2014

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The benefits of faith in Christ

As we come to Christmas and remember the birth of Christ, it’s worth reminding ourselves that Christ came so that we might believe in Him. This faith, though not without cost, brings tremendousbenefits, as it continues to do all over the world (Col 1:6). Consider this

The Apostle Paul on posting comments

There are few things more pointless in life than the majority of discussions on the Internet. All too often it becomes an exercise in not listening, talking past each other at best; angry insults and bitterness or just plain trolling at its worst. So when you

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The Apostle Paul and training Christian leaders

Do you know how your church leader was trained? Maybe you know what college or seminary they went to? Perhaps you know what courses they’ve attended or even what books they’re reading to keep up with their studies. Christians have a long record of taking

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Three great videos on: Magic

I’ve been giving this site some much needed maintenance and along the way have discovered some long-lost treasures that needed dusting off and re-presenting. As a fan of magic, here are three very different videos (all from TED as it so happens). Lennart Green with close up

Questions from the pool of Bethesda

At Grace Church every Sunday we spend time studying the Bible together. We have people from all over the world and in all different stages of their faith journey. Our goal is to help people feel confident in reading their Bibles, feeling confident to ask questions of