Die heretic scum!

I was recently reminded of a powerful lesson that the labels we use to define us have great power to separate us. There are all sorts of labels I use to describe my faith; Christian, not Jewish or Muslim; then I define church – protestant as opposed to catholic or orthodox and so on down the label food chain past denominations and on to theology – evangelical, Baptist, charismatic are three labels I often use for myself. It seems the longer I go on in church leadership the greater the number of…

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Book Review: Equals

Living and church planting in Sweden, as I do, it is impossible to escape the issue of equality, it is everywhere. It’s reasonable, of course, to ask why anyone would want to escape something so obviously beneficial as equality? That largely depends on what you mean by equality as not every definition is, ahem, equal. Secondly, as a father to a daughter, a husband to a wife and church leader of many talented women; in every one of those areas I want to help create environments in which women flourish. I’m convinced…

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Church planting essentials: Perseverance

Previously in this ad-hoc series I wrote about the importance of patience in the heart of a church planter but took a moment to separate patience from perseverance. Perseverance is that quality that keeps you walking when you turn into a headwind, keeps you going when you’re faced with trials and battles. It is determination to not give up or go back. In other seasons of life perseverance becomes just stubbornness. In this post I want to unpack perseverance a little more. I’m fairly confident that all church leaders see the…

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