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Church Planting Essentials: Accurate measurements

Every church leader gets the numbers question, it comes with the territory. We can debate the merits of the question and the need for questions that probe quality and not just quantity, but if you’re a church planter, numbers rule your world. Let’s be honest,

Church Planting Essentials: Patience

I know there are some church plants that just seem to explode into life almost the moment they began. Churches where everything seems to go just right and the line on the growth chart (because that is what we’re thinking about) just keeps climbing. I’ve never

Therapy, sin & modern idols

I’ve often heard Christians say they struggle talking about sin for fear of coming across as judgemental. It’s an understandable concern but a largely unnecessary one. Sin, not just as an action but as an idolatry, can be identified by its destructive consequences and you don’t

Why should I?

Our family (and especially my wife) has long enjoyed the fruits of George Cadbury’s labours, yet his chocolate was not his greatest legacy. Cadbury, a devout Quaker, built towns, country parks, sports fields all in the interest, not of profit but of the lives of

When being good is not enough

Just recently I was discussing with a few friends about the reason, according to Christianity, why Jesus died on a cross. We talked, for some time, about the reality, extent and problem of human sin. We talked about goodness and our own sense of morality

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Book Review: The Bible in 100 pages

In the introduction to his book, The Bible in 100 pages: Seeing the Big Picture in God’s Great Story Phil Moore gives us some numbers on the Bible: “It was written across 2,000 years by at least 44 different authors in 3 languages in 9 countries

Church planting essentials: Hospitality

Family. Church. When you think about those words what comes to mind? Are there any overlaps? It is quite possible that neither of them carry any positive associations for you, yet that only serves to highlight our deep need for a place where we are