Inch wide, mile deep?

Recently Sweden made a surprise appearance, not in the Eurovision song contest but in First Things magazine. Matthew Milliner made a visit to an ecumenical community called Bjärka-Säby. In the midst of his visit he makes a surprising announcement; “Overwhelmed by it all, I announce that whereas American Christianity is a mile wide and an inch deep, Swedish Christianity is an inch wide and a mile deep. Never have I seen ecumenical cooperation as I have here. I unfurl a grand analogy: Under secularism’s tectonic pressure, the continents of differing…

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Commentaries on the Gospel of John

At Grace Church we have just begun to read the fourth gospel together. We read it together, ask questions about the text and ask two basic questions (1) what is the text saying? (2) what does this mean for us/me? Although I don’t preach through the text, I do prepare with the text. I do this for a number of reasons, firstly I want to learn and grow in my knowledge of the Word through the word. Secondly, to be able to guide well. We read together so we all…

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