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Why is a gift for church planters

The Christian ghetto culture is a well-known phenomena and constant nuisance (or personal struggle) for leaders who want their churches to connect with the big world just outside their front door. For years I’ve heard leaders moan about the culture of church, that sucks a

Should you stop having prayer meetings?

What does prayer look like in your church? How often do people pray, how well attended are the prayer meetings and do you feel guilty even considering these questions? Perhaps you identify with John Stevens when he writes: “It  is one of the weaknesses of

Cell Church

Not so long ago I had the privilege of listening to the pastor of a very large church from south-east Asia. The first session, as he recounted tales of persecution, faith, miracles and enormous courage captivated his audience. The reaction to the second session was

Count Zinzendorf & being bi-vocational

Zinzendorf, on missions. “Live humbly among the heathens. Never lord over them. Work diligently with your hands for your own support.” — Jon Tyson (@JonTyson) April 19, 2014 Any other quotes like this that support the idea of the bi-vocational leader? Photo by fhwrdh

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How many Christians are there in Iznik?

Iznik is a small town in Turkey with a population of some 20,000 and situated by a lake. It’s a beautiful place. There are countless towns like it all over Turkey. So how many Christians do you think there are in such a place? As

The two ends of the bi-vocational spectrum

Last week I was given a vivid insight into the wide spectrum of possibilities when it comes to being bi-vocational. I was at a pastors conference and happened to be sharing a room with Jonathan LeTocq (the smiling man on the right in the picture).

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7 observations & 3 challenges for Newfrontiers

Nearly three years ago Newfrontiers formally transitioned from a first generation to a second generation movement. Newfrontiers had from its inception been led by Terry Virgo until 2011. Then a process, which had been under way for some time, was publicly acknowledged and around 20