Book Review: The Secular City

How should Christians view the city? It’s been a much discussed question in recent years, particularly with the rise of the metro-evangelicals and a fresh focus on reaching the cities of the world. Leading figures such as Tim Keller have given a great deal of thought to the gospel and the city. Yet long before the reformed crowd spoke of cities, contextualisation and the urban context of the gospel, there was The Secular City¬† by Harvard professor, Harvey Cox. First published in 1965 it has become something of a classic…

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The books of 2013

2013 has been a mixed year for reading. I’ve read hundreds of blogs, websites, magazines and journals. I read everyday and throughout the day. I’ve just not finished many books and reviewed even less. I’m working on the blog and am not prepared to let it go, plus I find book reviewing so helpful in determining what I think about a book. I’ve also started and not finished more books this year than probably in the past 6 years combined. When I finish the half a dozen books I’ve currently…

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The church in Sweden

Christianity has been a presence in Sweden since Ansgar arrived more than 1200 years ago, yet today it is one of the most secular countries on earth. This fact alone doesn’t look good for the church. So what is the state of the church in Sweden? For around 400 years Sweden was officially a Lutheran country until 2000 when State and church were separated. Before 2000 all Swedes were born into the Church of Sweden and unless they opted out would pay a church tax all through their adult life.…

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