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Book Review: A society without God

What does a country look like if you take faith out of it? What kind of world would it be for those that live there and how did this come about? These are some of the questions that sociologist Phil Zuckerman tries to answer inĀ 

Where did all the demons go?

I’ve been wondering whether to add anything to the brouhaha over the ‘Strange Fire’ arguments that have bothered the twitter world recently. I had almost decided I couldn’t be bothered, I posted something over two years ago following a Macarthur rant and nothing much seems

10 things that are a little strange about life in Sweden

It’s only fair after having pointed out 10 things that I’ve found to be a little better about life in Sweden, to think about the reverse. Switching cultures and countries you spot things that stand out; sometimes because they’re better and sometimes because they’re not.

10 little things that are better in Sweden

We’ve been living in Sweden for just over two years now and we’re starting to notice a few things about life here compared to life in the UK. These are in no particular order of importance. Money back on your bottles. I seem to remember