Monthly Archives: September 2013

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Book Review: Dominion

Every now & then I get bogged down in my reading, too many theological tomes and sooner or later the river of reading runs dry. It’s at those points that I pick up a fiction book to get things flowing again. Having read several of

Odd allies

One of the interesting things that is happening in today’s religious landscape are the various odd-looking alliances that take place. One I wasn’t expecting was with an atheist over Biblical exegesis. In her interview with Francesca Stavrakopoulou who is Professor of Hebrew Bible and Ancient

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What's happened to this blog?

Over the past year or so the frequency of my writing has seen a pretty severe drop-off. I’d been aware of it for some time but reading my friend Jon’s thoughts on his own blog made me aware that the same had happened here. I’m

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A Timeline of Christianity

Once again I’ve been sent an interesting infographic. This one is a little mixed; I’m not sure how you put theological differences into percentages and I wouldn’t include Jehovah’s Witnesses or Mormons in the category of Christian per se. The one fact I did find

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Can America live more simply?

For some reason I’m being sent infographics from various places, not that I mind at all. Here’s one on America’s quest for simplicity. Not going well it seems. Click on the picture or here to see the full infographic