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What do we know about Ephesus?

When it comes to working out life in the early church we know more about some churches than others. When it comes to working out gender roles in the church, some churches are more important than others. Which leads us to Ephesus, because in Ephesus

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Book Review: Freedom & Boundaries

What do complementarians think and why do they think it? Why do some churches, men, women, denominations and networks in this day and age still think that some roles are reserved only for men. For some people that is just simply an unfathomable mystery or

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Book review: The gender agenda

I continue to regularly read books on the role of women in church leadership, seeking to weigh the various arguments as carefully as I know how. The latest is The Gender Agenda by Lis Goddard and Clare Hendry. The book takes the format of a

Film review: Chasing Ice

The fact that ice melts is not news to you, me or in fact anyone. The fact that much of the world’s ice is melting and melting fast, is news. Controversial and disputed news. Interest in the subject of climate change has waned even as

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Book Review: Gilead

What amounts to a life well lived? What kind of person would you be at the end of your days? It’s a question not enough us ask and more of us would do well to reflect on. We’re too busy living to reflect on whether