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The disruptive church

As a small boy I once went to church with my new cowboy hat and gun and all was fine until during a prayer or a reading or something, stood up on my chair and shouted ‘bang.’ Cue frowns and a quick pull down from

Is Stockholm burning?

It’s world news that Stockholm has been troubled by five nights of unrest. It’s also mostly taken place, if you’ll excuse the phrase, within a stone’s throw of where we live. As I began to write this post I could see from my study window,

Celebrating difference

We had an interesting discussion at church on Sunday, seated round our kitchen table, sparked off by Colossians 3:18-4:1. One of the women related how, on the child minding course she is studying, she received lower marks for not agreeing to the idea that boys

Walking on thin ice?

Despite being one of the most secular countries on earth, cultural religion still has a significant role in Swedish society not least in their national holidays. Today the nation is busy having a day off courtesy of the ascension of the saviour of the world.

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This kind of love doesn't exist, does it?

My Dad sent me a newsletter recently and I was struck by an illustration he used so thought I’d reshare it here (apparently it was from the March issue of Evangelicals Now but I couldn’t find the online article there but found the full story

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Praying for a church plant

What is the role of prayer in building and a growing a new church plant? It can be something of a truism that the church planter affirms the place and power of prayer but plans according to his own strength. It’s a lesson I’ve learned