Monthly Archives: September 2012

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On the road

Today I’m flying to England for four busy days. Here is a brief run-down of what’s happening: Wednesday: Fly to London and catch up with some friends who until recently were  living in Pakistan until that opportunity was suddenly and unexpectedly closed to them. I’m

Painting pictures

We’ve had a number of discussions amongst our team about how one ‘does’ church? It’s a tricky question to answer because it’s often not the right question. What we mean of course is ‘what do we do?’ and perhaps more accurately ‘what do our meetings

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Pictures do not always tell the truth

Who says the camera never lies? On the left we have fat Phil looking tired, done in and about to be caught by the guy in orange on a charge while on the right a fitter looking Phil confidently leaving the guy in orange in

Not all cities are created equal

I love Stockholm, I think it’s a great city and I’m glad this is my home. Much as I love our new city though, it’s not in the same rank as say London, Shanghai or New York. Or is it? How do you rank cities? Foreign

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Thoughts on church planting

Recently a fellow church planter, Tim Heath, emailed a bunch of guys he knew about their thoughts on church planting and is publishing the results on his blog. In the second of the series, he publishes my thoughts. You can read them here

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Enjoy the gospel

This is an excellent presentation of the Gospel that I regularly use with people. It’s also in multiple languages and there’s an app. Of course there is.

A communion prayer

Over the past few months I’ve been studying and thinking about the role and place of the Lord’s Supper in church life, and although I haven’t finished with that I thought I would post some prayers, scriptures and service elements, all borrowed from Gathering for Worship:

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The Kingdom of God in Luke’s Gospel

At our small group we’ve begun to have a look at the book of Acts together (no real shock for a church plant that). We read the first chapter of Acts together and then did a brief study on two questions that arose from the