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Book Review: If God then what?

OK, let’s get the disclosure out of the way – I know the author and am fairly well disposed towards most things he writes. I also own all his books and yet strangely this is the first that I’ve actually read! In a post-Christian society it’s

Reaching a society without God

I recently wrote this article about Scandinavia for Newfrontiers website and thought I would repost the article here.   ”All over the world this gospel is bearing fruit and growing” (Col 1:6). Except, it seems, in Europe. Here the picture is much more mixed; there

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Book Review: Thy Kingdom Come

Thy Kingdom Come by Christopher Catherwood  is an interesting but uneven look at the state of the Evangelical Christianity. It’s interesting because of the global perspective it offers and its rich appreciation of evangelical history. It’s uneven because of some the subject matters (a chapter

Moltmann on the Lord’s Supper

I recently read and reviewed The Open Church by Jurgen Moltmann primarily because I was interested in what he might have to say about the Lord’s Supper. I also happened to love the book and tweeted a whole bunch of great quotes. So, to business. Moltmann challenges

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Book Review: The Open Church

I picked up this book because it had a chapter called ‘The Feast of Freedom’ and I’m currently focusing much of my reading around The Lord’s Supper. It’s the first time I’d read Moltmann since graduating from Nottingham in 1996; and that, if this book