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Carl Trueman on the Lord's Supper

What do you know, my old tutor Carl Trueman has jumped on my bandwagon again; this time by writing about the Lord’s Supper. This is quite helpful as he adds some recommended reading towards the end of the post. Here are a couple of stand out

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The Lord's Supper: A question for paeadobaptists

I’ve just read the section on the Lord’s Supper in Louis Berkhof’s A Summary of Christian Doctrine and I have a question for those who practice infant baptism. Berkhof was a paedobaptist, a professor of theology and is probably best known for his Systematic Theology. Berkhof addresses

History, Eschatology and Community in the Lord’s Supper

In the entry on the Lord’s Supper in Roger Olson’s A-Z of Evangelical Theology he mentions Stanley Grenz’s attempt to ‘breathe new life into evangelical celebration of the Lord’s Supper.’ Grenz emphasized three elements history, eschatology and community. For him, the ordinance has three distinct orientations by

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Do evangelicals ignore the Lord's Supper?

I’m continuing to think through, the hows, whys and wherefores of the Lord’s Supper and what it might mean to be devoted to it (Acts 2:42). So I’ve begun by mining my bookshelves for insights and ideas, feel free to make suggestions. One of the

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Book Review: Fathering Leaders, Motivating Mission

When someone writes an updated history or account of the rise (and fall) of the new church movement in the UK from the 1960s onwards, this book will prove enormously helpful. It is the clearest exposition, so far, of the Newfrontiers family of churches position

Communion: Personal reflections

My own experiences of breaking bread, communion, The Lord’s Supper, whatever you choose to call it; within a public worship context has often been underwhelming. That includes many of the times I’ve led it myself. Growing up in a small evangelical free church, we had

Devoted to the breaking of bread

For a while now I’ve reflected on the four characteristics of the early church recorded in Acts 2:42. The thought occurred to me that I’m not sure what a church devoted to the breaking of bread looks like. You can make a fair case that