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Moving again

Today we’re on the move again. This time to Stockholm, which has been our goal for nearly two years. There may be a break in blogging while we move, settle in, get broadband and have a rest.  

Why are we planting a church in a city?

If you just read the last couple of posts it would seem that I’d be against the idea of church planting in a city or that a church in a city will have little or no influence. Don’t be too hasty in your conclusions now.

Church planting for cultural influence

Yesterday I asked whether church planting in the middle of cities made any sense. Today I want to reflect on where in the UK should you plant a church if you want to influence the cultural, intellectual, political life of the nation. Now I’m not

Does church planting in a city make sense?

Andrew Wilson recently restarted the debate about the strategic focus of cities (see also here) which has caused me to reflect on the question, why cities? It seems to me that of all the reasons suggested it’s the one about influencing culture that I think stands

The importance (or not) of cities

First it was Carl Trueman and now Andrew Wilson is following my lead about the not-quite-so-important-importance-of-cities. Andrew lists 13 reasons put forward for the strategic importance of planting churches in major cities and then proceeds debunk almost all of them. Here they are and places where I’ve

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Miscellaneous: The last links

It’s been a couple of weeks since I last did one of these so hopefully there’s some good stuff stored up but this may be the last one I do. I’ve started using twitter for sharing links as it is more immediate form of sharing.

What’s your lifestyle?

I use a lot of technology. I like my old secondhand smartphone with its apps and I’d like to upgrade. I like my laptop and blogging. I like messing around with design and new browsers, I like Twitter, Google+ and to a much lesser extent

Sent: By apostles

Apostles can be something of a controversial subject in evangelical circles today and the reason is simple. Some people think there have been no more apostles since the 12 and Paul and some other oiks have arrogantly called themselves ‘apostles’ or ‘apostolic’ (which is nearly