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Book Review: A Hitchhiker’s Guide to Jesus

The quest for the historical Jesus is littered with boring books; not so this one. Professor Bruce Fisk has combined the fictional story of Norm, a post-grad student exploring Israel in a personal quest to discover the ‘real’ Jesus with a textbook to all the

The battle for healing in Britain

The battle for faith in the public square currently has an interesting twist to it in the UK. It’s not just about who can (or can’t) be married. There is a contest for the freedom of Christians to practice their faith in regard to healing.

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Pay attention to the parody

I don’t know enough about the ministry of Hillsongs to know whether this parody hits the mark or not. I don’t know how focused on money they are or how generous to the poor they are. In some ways that’s not really the point. They

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Children and the church

I was privileged to serve a church for ten years that highly valued children. Our second paid staff member was a gifted children’s worker. Many of our key investments of time and energy went into children and young people. A Kids Club that gathered (at

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Support this!

My friend Simon Guillebaud is currently 1800+ miles into cycling coast to coast across America. He’s hoping to raise vast sums of money for the incredibly poor and neglected Batwa (pygmy) tribe of Burundi. If you were looking for a fresh chance to be practice

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Does working together make you a denomination?

Recently I read two different posts on the issue of denominations and I thought I’d repost them here. First I read Andrew Wilson’s what’s wrong with denominations? which articulates some of the conversations I’ve had with friends in the past. I’ve passionately argued that Newfrontiers

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Weekend links

Just doing a bit of catching up and hopefully clearing the decks again for some more regular blogging (I know I’ve said that a lot recently!), but here are some links to entertain, inform and provoke. Hope you all have a good weekend. There are