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I link therefore I am (05.01.2011)

Yesterday my wife was ill and I was able to call my mother in the morning who came and looked after our son for the day while I went to work. Won’t be able to do that in about 8 months time. Dave Bish reflects

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Unfinished Business

I have a (bad) habit of not always finishing what I start. Lots of reasons and few excuses. This meant that over the past year I proudly proclaimed whole series of posts on the following and didn’t quite manage to deliver. If you’d like me

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I link therefore I am (04.01.2011)

Today is back to work – well it’s back to the office. We’ll have to see about work. Luke quite rightly urges you to read your Bible Tim Keller on revival is thought provoking as ever John Starke attempts an answer to the question isn’t