Not the end of consumerism

Richard Docwra over at Life Squared gives an interesting dissection of this article from the NY Times. Here’s a taster: “There are glimmers of clarity in the article – for example, the opening paragraphs discuss a couple’s journey of downsizing their income, consumption and debts, in order to get the life and jobs they want. It ends with the wise observation from one partner ‘I really believe that the acquisition of material goods doesn’t bring about happiness’.” And ends with this: “Perhaps it is asking too much of the business…

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Christian Living 

Jesus will help me

I am a convert. I was a very reluctant father but I just love it. A week ago my two-year old son gave me a sentence of great theology that I hope and pray he never ever forgets or stops believing. We were reading a Bible story and came to David and Goliath (we’re using this book) and we read this line from David. “‘I shall fight Goliath’ declared David boldly. ‘I dare because God will help me.’” Noah just started repeating ‘I dare, I dare, I dare’. All very…

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Bibliophilia (12.08.2010)

Mark Heath has a review of Francis Chan’s Forgotten God (my review here) Tim Challies reviews The Marriage Bed by Ray Rhodes Matt Hosier is becoming a keen fisherman, so here are two fishy book reviews Matt also has a review of Andrew Marin’s Love is an Orientation (my review here) Gary McMurray has read Let God Arise by Marcus Loane

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What’s wrong with weddings?

This was the question asked by Andrew Brown in the Guardian online last week calling them a ‘celebration of the ego and the biggest enemy of the subsequent marriage’. Now I don’t go quite as far as Mr Brown in preferring funerals but I think he has a point. Mostly. The cost is too high (on average £20,000), the content too light, the preparation often non-existent and for many it is paper over cracks. Brown is right when he says, “What you’re doing isn’t a step into fairyland. And if…

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I link therefore I am (11.08.2010)

Jeremy wonders why we still subsidise fossil fuels? TGC reflects on the future of the mainline congregations in the US. Same as here I guess, growing irrelevance. There are loads of different ways to read the Bible. This one requires 10 chapters a day! I’ve been wondering about this – should we totally separate the civil and the church rites when it comes to weddings?

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TV cripples us

It’s no secret that I’m not a big fan of the television, in fact I’m glad to be rid of it. Here Mark Meynell reflects on the recent purchase of Channel 5 by Richard Desmond and gives this devastating quote from David Dark. “Yet as it is, television most often caters to our own worst instincts, driving us to base our identity in what we’re able to purchase, hijacking our hopes with the emptiest of slogans and scenarios, and wasting our sympathies on tales that are devastatingly shallow and sentimental.…

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