Bibliophilia (12.08.2010)

Mark Heath has a review of Francis Chan’s Forgotten God (my review here) Tim Challies reviews The Marriage Bed by Ray Rhodes Matt Hosier is becoming a keen fisherman, so here are two fishy book reviews Matt also has a review of Andrew Marin’s Love is an Orientation (my review here) Gary McMurray has read Let God Arise by Marcus Loane

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What’s wrong with weddings?

This was the question asked by Andrew Brown in the Guardian online last week calling them a ‘celebration of the ego and the biggest enemy of the subsequent marriage’. Now I don’t go quite as far as Mr Brown in preferring funerals but I think he has a point. Mostly. The cost is too high (on average £20,000), the content too light, the preparation often non-existent and for many it is paper over cracks. Brown is right when he says, “What you’re doing isn’t a step into fairyland. And if…

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