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Today I am going on holiday for a week to the lovely county of Kent. I’m looking forward to visiting Dover Castle, reading, resting, playing games with my family, time with my wife and son. I shall return on the 27th after having run the

Political Issues: Afghanistan & Defence

A friend of mine has just arrived in Afghanistan for the third time, he’s there to fly helicopters in the RAF. On Sunday I met a lady who has worked for NATO in Afghanistan and there was me wondering what possible connection there could be

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All things bookish (15.04.2010)

I’ve shortened the name of the title because I was a bit bored of the old one but it’s the same book reviews and things to do with writing, reading, enjoying, using and learning from books… Tim Chester has a review of Bonhoeffer’s Works which

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I link therefore I am (15.04.2010)

Mark Meynell has another great chart on the resurrection account in Matthew I’ve not heard of this hymn about the church before but I think it’s great If you’ve already signed the Westminster Declaration you might consider signing the Faithworks Declaration (HT: Peter Ould) which

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Book Review: A Piano in the Pyrenees

I’ve been meaning to review this one for a couple of weeks now. Tony Hawks has made the most of his varied career as an entertainer it seems from writing about it. I’ve certainly laughed now through three of them. Hawks specialises in weird travel,

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Gina Welch still doesn't know the Gospel

You may be wondering who the heck is Gina Welch? Let me explain, Gina Welch is an atheist who faked a conversion experience, got baptised, and spent two years at Thomas Road Baptist Church in America and then wrote a book about her experiences, which

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I link therefore I am (14.04.2010)

Kevin DeYoung thinks about social justice & Matthew 25. Not sure he’s right though. Sometimes Christians are both stupid and dangerous. Warning listening to this man teach a theology of hair might make you angry (HT: MPT) OK time to go political. My friend Andy

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Interviewing the candidates

So last Sunday was interesting and a little different for us. I’d invited two local councillors (one labour and one conservative) and the three main party candidates to be with us for our morning worship. We gave an hour to the issue of politics and