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Building a memorial

I’ve never thought f building a memorial, not sure who or what I’d build one to but in the centre of Karachi is the Mazar-e-Quaid, the tomb of Muhammed Ali Jinnah, the founder of the nation of Pakistan. It’s a national monument and a symbol

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Don't forget Haiti

Haiti will soon be disappearing from the headlines (if it hasn’t already). Watch this video and if you haven’t already given. Please consider doing so I badgered the government about cancelling Haiti’s debts, you can read their response here and the actions of the UK

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Learning the value of schools

I wish I went to a school with a name like Holy Shepherd Grammar School or for that matter with one with its values and attitudes only I didn’t. I’m now very grateful for the education I’ve received and the more I visit schools in

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I link therefore I am (28/01/10) *Bumper Edition*

Some companies prey on the poor. Mint shows you how A new TV programme will have a Rev. live without money Is the evangelical church growth, market driven? I like what Francis Chan has to say on public passion vs private devotion My friend Mark

Building something significant

On the way to Hawkes Bay beach (it’s about 45 minute drive outside Karachi) we stopped at a boat yard and it was really impressive. To be honest I’d be surprised if this could be done in the UK on the same scale because we’ve

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Pimp my truck

So I’ve been in Pakistan a couple of days now. Karachi is a crazy place, no one knows how many people live here for example. 15 million? 18 million? I’ve heard 20 million. Put that into perspective, its more people than live in Australia¬†or its¬†a