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I link therefore I am (31/12/09)

My last set of links of the decade. Not sure they’re any more significant than usual but I still found them interesting enough to click on Mint has a map of the world’s most expensive cities  Here’s a good outline of biblical history courtesy of

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The reward of kindness

On Christmas Day, with some kind friends from around the churches in town, we hosted a Christmas dinner for people who would for a variety of reasons be on their own. In the end there were about 100 of us from aged 1 to 96!

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I link therefore I am (30/12/09)

These links relate to my favoured themes of Gospel vs Consumerism (plus a few ringers) A great post from earlier in the year by Anne Jackson on fasting from facebook  Here’s some plastic surgery – dissecting the packaging that goes into a Barbie!  The Church

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I link therefore I am (29/12/09)

Merry Christmas everyone – as you might expect lots of end of year/decade round ups around and other seasonal stuff. Here’s my pick of the crop: Trevin Wax has a good post on the state of the blogosphere (HT: Justin Taylor) Another good post from

The battles for the church

At a recent event the PM said, “At the centre of our society, perhaps more so than any other country I know in Western Europe, is the belief that churches and faith have a role. At the centre of our society is the belief that