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Snippets (03/12/08)

The story of Lazarus at the Gate Bible Studies on Economic Discipleship. If that makes no sense it has four parts give thanks, spend justly, spend less and give more. Making a difference in the workplace. Not as hard as it sounds This is heartbreaking

Why I’m happy to lead a Newfrontiers Church

Sometime ago I was trying to think of something to write and I began to write about why I wasn’t a member of another denomination. I can’t remember why, possibly started by the idea that we shouldn’t plant more churches because we have enough of

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The shallow end of existence

You get a lot of junk sent to you when you have a baby, not counting all the junk the baby ends up needing. Amongst the junk was an invitation to hold a naming ceremony. I’d never heard of such a thing, and just supposed

People are Lonely

Sometimes when I write about community I do so with instinct, i.e. ‘I think this is the way it is’ but haven’t done the hard work of researching it for facts which prove my case. That was probably the case when I wrote ‘What about

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Ethical stuff

A while back I was reading Which? magazine and they did a feature on ethical money. I can’t find in online and you probably need to be a subscriber anyway. So I thought I’d highlight a few things because it’s important to use it wisely.

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I’m still slowly ploughing my way through this book on creation and evolution (I’m really rubbish at science so it’s slow progress). Anyway, here’s an article he wrote to give you an idea of his general thrust. He writes, “It seems odd that Christians might