Monthly Archives: July 2007

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The Confessional is now Open

I have a confession to make, today I almost lost my temper, I certainly did lose a good portion of my self-control. It’s one of the hazards of being a biker (just to clarify so we’re all clear: a person who pedals a bike is

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Reflections on my Car

Well I’ve come to a decision and to be honest it’s been agonising. Life would be a lot easier if I wasn’t concerned about consumerism or debt or the environment, it really makes everything a lot more hassle. But then I think that’s part of

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Should I buy a new car?

Here’s an ethical dilemma, what would you do? My mum rings me up the other day to ask me if I want to buy a car. It belonged to my great-uncle. She forgets to tell me he’d just passed away! Anyway, he was an old

The Church is Homophobic

In evaluating They Like Jesus But Not The Church I concluded that there are some differences between how emerging generations in the US and UK react to the church (see here and here) as well as some similarities (see here). I think this topic has to be chalked

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Don't Mess With Your Blog

Oh my goodness! I was getting a bit tired of the standard blogger template and thought I’d personalise it a bit. I spent all day on it after I practically ruined my blog with endless ‘innovations’. Don’t be a tinker, don’t tinker! Really don’t touch,

The Church is Judgmental and Negative

This is the 2nd part (follow links for part 1) of my evaluation of They Like Jesus But Not the Church and whether the same issues apply here in the UK. I’m pretty sure that as the church is made up of humans that there will be