You may (or more likely may not) have wondered where I’ve been and the absence of any posts for the last couple of weeks. A few factors have been at play.

Firstly, we have bought a house in Kista, Stockholm and that took a bit of time. We’re delighted, believe it is God’s provision (Acts 17:26) and we’ll complete at the beginning of May and move sometime after that.

Secondly, we’re learning a new language, involved in our local church and are the tired parents of two lovely small children who have been known to wake us up in the night. Tiredness doesn’t lead to blogging productivity.

Thirdly, our landlords router broke and we had a few enforced days internet free. I was amazingly twitchy the whole time, therefore it was good for me to have that time away from constant connection.

Anyway, I hope to resume some blogging and as usual have some ideas that may or may not see the light of day.