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The Swedish origins of ‘How Great Thou Art’

It’s one of the most beloved hymns of the last hundred years and in many polls it ranks just behind Amazing Grace; yet the origins of O Lord my God, when I in awesome wonder (or as it’s perhaps better known How Great Thou Art) can trace its roots back to

Communion: Personal reflections

My own experiences of breaking bread, communion, The Lord’s Supper, whatever you choose to call it; within a public worship context has often been underwhelming. That includes many of the times I’ve led it myself. Growing up in a small evangelical free church, we had

Devoted to the breaking of bread

For a while now I’ve reflected on the four characteristics of the early church recorded in Acts 2:42. The thought occurred to me that I’m not sure what a church devoted to the breaking of bread looks like. You can make a fair case that

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Book Review: Facedown

Face down is the appropriate response to a revelation of who God is. It combines fear, respect, adoration, humility and in this short book by Matt Redman (just 116 pages in pocket size format) shows why. Full of insight and truth, this exploration of worship and more importantly

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Clement on musical styles

I’m reading Henry Chadwick’s history The Early Church and there are some absolute gems which I’ll post for your reflection, edification and application. This one is for my friend Tim Simmonds who likes to bang on about music and worship in the church. “Clement of

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My thirsty soul

I use the Daily Telegraph Book of Hymns as part of my regular devotions and it’s a real treasure trove. I came across this version of Psalm 42 and a few of the 12 verses really stood out for me: As pants the hart for

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TOAM: Day 1

My battery ran out on my laptop near the end of session 2 with Stef Liston and I never got round to charging it up so I’ve managed one session post and now I’ll think about the whole day. WorshipIn every session the worship has