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Book Review: Sophie Scholl & The White Rose

In the history of resistance movements the one in Nazi Germany was at best a mixed affair. Failing to gain popular support its successes were far outnumbered by its failures. However in recent years due to the popularising effect of Hollywood films there has been a

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The Curiosity Index (13.04.2015)

Sanderson Jones, founder of the atheist Sunday Assembly, recently visited three churches in one day. This is what he thought. There is a lot to learn from this article about Robert Schuller and shows the emptiness of prosperity teachings. The Second World War continues to make

Book review: All hell let loose

  For a while now I’ve averaged about one book every ten days, yet here we are three weeks into January and I’ve only just finished my first book of 2012. The reason for that is that Max Hasting’s monumental volume on the second world

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Book Review: Band of Brothers

I recently watched for the second times the magnificent Band of Brothers mini-series (for what it’s worth one of the most remarkable pieces of TV drama I’ve ever seen) and decided to follow that up by reading the book of the same name. This is the

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Book Review: The Victors

The Victors: Eisenhower and his boys, the men of World War 2 is the second book I’ve read by Stephen Ambrose (Pegasus Bridge was the first) and I’ve watched Band of Brothers of course. The Victors is essentially several books spliced together to give a

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Book Review: Pegasus Bridge

Growing up I lived on WWII stories and I wanted to be a commando. Soldiers who fought in that war were heroes to me, including my own grandfather. Like most boys I wanted adventure, bravery and chances to make history. War, it turned out wasn’t